June 11-19, 2022

A week-long excursion to explore outdoor wild spaces, learn about our role in God’s creation, and help with newly planted trees along the Zena Forest.

Willamette Valley and Drift Creek Camp in Oregon

Ready to get out with others? Come alone or bring friends for a different vacation… an eco-excursion. Explore outdoor wild spaces in scenic Oregon. Learn about forests in ecosystems of God's creation. And help with newly planted trees along the Zena Forest.

During this 8 day excursion, we will . . .

  • Hike in lush forests with towering trees and falls

  • Kayak on the Salmon River Estuary and see wildlife

  • Learn about sustainable ecosystems in a working forest

  • Work a day and a half with a Zena Forest tree project

  • Go on a whale watching trip along Oregon's coast

  • Stay in old growth forest at Drift Creek Camp

  • Enjoy a restful retreat with God, trees and the Earth.

This venture will be an experience for men to be in the wild together and work with a tree project supported by Mennonite Men to convert a pasture to forestland. This project—part of our JoinTrees campaign to plant one million trees—will extend the Zena Forest, a model working forest managed by a Mennonite family in a region with extensive clear-cutting.

Accommodations will be at Cascara House at Oregon 4H Center Saturday—Wednesday night then Drift Creek (Mennonite) Camp Thursday—Saturday night. The trip will be coordinated by Steve Thomas, US director for Mennonite Men, certified arborist, and graduate student in urban forestry at Oregon State University.


Saturday, June 11
Travel to Salem, OR, transportation from Portland Int’l to Cascara House

Sunday, June 12
Hike the Valley of the Giants, witness logging operations, and visit Eloheh Indigenous Center for Earth Justice with Dr. Randy Woodley

Monday, June 13
Learning about sustainable forestry and begin service project at Zena Forest

Tuesday, June 14
Service project tending tree seedlings at Zena Forest

Wednesday, June 15
Hiking at Silver Falls State Park

Thursday, June 16
Kayaking on Salmon River Estuary, whale watching trip, travel to Drift Creek Camp

Friday, June 17
Hiking on Drift Creek Falls Trail, tree retreat in old growth forest at Drift Creek Camp

Saturday, June 18
Retreat at Drift Creek Camp, learning from our Elders: The Wistom of Trees for Life.

Sunday, June 19
Depart, transportation early morning for afternoon flights from Portland Int’l

In the course of this eco-excursion, we will learn:

  • What men offer one another in our life together as we connect in nature

  • Our reliance on and consumption of the Earth’s precious natural resources

  • How most of the 640 lbs. of woods products we consume per capita is harvested

  • A model of sustainable forestry practiced by Mennonite stewards of the Zena Forest

  • The important place of trees in the Bible and the ecosystems of God’s creation

  • Wisdom from ancient trees on how to be and take our place in the circle of life

  • Indigenous wisdom for tending our sacred Earth and seeking God’s shalom

Cost: $890
Fee covers 8 nights lodging, all meals, park entrances, kayak rental, whale watching tour (weather permitting), and ground transportation from Portland International Airport on and back to. Participants may also choose to donate an additional amount to the JoinTrees program to offset the carbon cost of the trip. Calculate your cost at https://climatestewardsusa.org/offset/ and donate HERE.

Reserve one of twenty spots on this excursion with registration and a $200 deposit by April 11. Do not purchase tickets to Portland International Airport (if flying) until the trip is confirmed with the minimum registrations.

This is a program of Mennonite Men’s JoinMen program. More info about Mennonite Men at mennonitemen.org

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